Sketch Commission Stream

I’ll be doing a sketch commission stream next Saturday (August 27th) at 8pm GMT on my channel. I’ll also stream on Sunday, the 28th, if I get more than 5 or 6 commission requests.

There’s plenty of slots so don’t be shy to send me an e-mail! 😉


  • Base price is $60
  • +$20 for each extra character
  • +$20 for background
  • +$20 for colors (basic shading is free)

Specific details may add on the price if they make the sketch too complex. Patreon discount still applies, if you are a patron for more than a week, check my Patreon page to see which discount you are eligible for.

Contact e-mail is


  1. Send me an email during the week (before the stream). E-mail should be titled “sketch commission [your piczel username]”. The email should contain full details about the sketch and references. As well as your PayPal e-mail so I can send you an invoice.
  2. Send payment before the stream. I’ll be sending you an invoice, so please pay it before the stream so I can confirm your slot.
  3. Enjoy the stream!
  4. At the end of the stream I send each person a high res copy of their respective image through email.

If you have been in the stream but have to leave, I will still continue to work on your image, or I can wait until you return, let me know in the chat.



  • There is a 3 character limit for each commission. Sketches are meant to be fast and simple. If you want something more complex, I won’t be able to get it right now, but stay tuned for when regular commissions open.
  • I won’t make changes after the fact unless they are minor, like eye color or something similar.
  • For multiple requests send multiple e-mails, it makes things easier for me sorting them out.
  • Rules in my Terms of Service still apply. So please read them before sending a request.

Then again, the e-mail is

if you have any questions, ask in the same e-mail and I’ll answer ASAP. Thank you very much for reading! 🙂


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