(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvwPPBa6_9Q)

Replacing the sound effects in “The Last of Us” with my own.

My experience in finishing this project was difficult. I did some on-location recording in places which weren’t necessarily perfectly quiet, and had some problems with time management. At the very end, I also had some technical difficulties as a result of my lack of organization.

I headed to Hull, MA, to record some ambient noise at Fort Revere. There were a few other parties present, but I managed to record enough noiseless sounds.

Back home, I had my brother get his boots on and step in puddles, on asphalt, broken glass, and the hood of a car. Then inside, I recorded his steps on a hardwood floor.

I’m happy with the quality of the video overall, but the individual sound effects have some issues with background noise. If I had to give some advice, I’d say if you can, record in a controlled environment. You can’t hear it in the video due to the ambient noise, but many of the footfalls include the noise of passing cars and bird songs.


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